Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Will Rock Your Liquor License Renewal

Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission Will Rock Your Liquor License Renewal

Anyone in the liquor business knows that the Tennessee ABC has been implementing big changes over the past couple of years.  Keith Bell, appointed as Director of the ABC on May 21, 2013, has clearly stated his intention to "clean up" the liquor laws.

Today, we learned that renewals of liquor-by-the-drink licenses must comply with new deadlines.  Failure to meet the deadlines results in termination of the liquor license and an interruption in service while applying for a new liquor license.

The ABC requires that managers sign the attached form when the ABC agent inspects for renewals.  We strongly encourage all LBD license holders to pay close attention to the new deadlines.

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The new TABC rule says that licenses will be voided out if the renewal is not complete within 14 days of the date the license expires.  We expect that the ABC will put you on no buy with the wholesalers and send an agent to take your license off the wall.

The ABC is clear that if you fail to meet the 2 week grace period on renewals, you will have to apply for a new license.

Failure to complete a liquor license renewal within 2 weeks of the expiration date will lead to a prolonged interruption in service. No wine or spirits for several weeks.

As we read the ABC requirements, the following must be completed before the LBD license expires:

  • Renewal application filed with the ABC

  • Renewal fee paid

  • Tax clearance from the Tennessee Department of Revenue

  • Bond clearance from the Tennessee Department of Revenue

  • All citations with the ABC resolved for all stores in Tennessee

We are trying to clarify whether a new price schedule is required for renewals.

The problem is that it is hard to determine when a renewal is complete. The ABC and Revenue do not have the resources to tell you when you have a citation, bond issues, or taxes owed that prevent you from renewing.

With the prospect of a prolonged interruption in service, restaurants, hotels, caterers and venues should pay close attention to renewals.

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