In Heaven There Is No Beer

In Heaven There Is No Beer

Need a Metro Nashville beer permit in September? Better plan carefully. You may find that real life mirrors the afterlife.

There may be no beer in heaven, but a bar without beer in Tennessee is not bound for eternity.

The beer board is moving to the Third Floor of the Howard School complex starting on Friday September 14, 2012. According to official notices, the beer board offices will be closed from Friday until Tuesday September 18.

We have been told, reminded and admonished that no one - absolutely no one - will be able to get a temporary or permanent beer permit until the offices reopen on Tuesday September 18. No one. No, not even you.

Office moves are often fraught with difficulty, and we advise folks to count on the possibility of delays with the beer board reopening date.

If you need a beer permit the week of September 17, we encourage you to obtain the permit on Thursday September 13. The beer board meets that day at 11:30.

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