Tennessee ABC Updated Citation List Shows Seriousness of Sales to Minors

By - January 31, 2017 | Alcoholic Beverage Law | Email Will Cheek

We love that the new Tennessee ABC under Clay Byrd is committed to transparency.  A huge new development under Director Byrd’s leadership is compiling and releasing comprehensive reports of all ABC citations against license holders.

The most recent report is here.  The 98 page report summarizes citations from January 2016 through the first few days of January 2017.

Our rough count shows 429 sales to minor citations in just over a year.  The Tennessee ABC has deployed well-trained agents that, based on our casual observations, are successfully targeting large chains and independent restaurants, hotels and venues.

We strongly encourage license holders to double down on carding of Under 21 Tennessee driver’s licenses, which have a red box around the photo.  We have been teaching Red Box Carding to help prevent failing ABC compliance checks and encourage readers to let us know if they want more info about this tested ID technique.

Our friend Willa reminds us of Brad Paisley’s classic song “Alcohol”

I got you in trouble in high school
And college now that was a ball
You had some of the best times
You’ll never remember with me
Alcohol, alcohol

The report also shows $771,050 collected by the ABC in fines during the past year and a few days.  That hits your bottom line.

Be vigilant and please let us know if you want to focus on Red Box Carding.

Don’t Expect Tennessee ABC Commissioner McDaniel to Stop Rockin’

By - January 31, 2017 | Alcoholic Beverage Law | Email Will Cheek

Turnover among Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commissioners is inevitable.  Although the alcoholic beverage industry is relatively glamorous, as compared with morticians and auditors, for example, serving as a Commissioner is no walk in the park.  Believe it or not, we are a demanding group of constituents that often have vastly conflicting agendas.

It comes as no surprise that West Tennessee Commissioner Mary McDaniel announced her resignation at this month’s January 24, 2017 ABC meeting.  Commissioner McDaniel has served approximately six years.  And the verb “served” sums it up nicely.  Through wine in groceries, five legislative sessions and three ABC Directors.  Can someone toll the Bell for Commissioner McDaniel – well, maybe not…

In all seriousness, we thank Commissioner McDaniel for all she has done for the Tennessee alcoholic beverage industry.  Run DMC seems appropriate:

I’m the king of rock, there is none higher
Sucker MC’s should call me sire
To burn my kingdom, you must use fire
I won’t stop rockin’ till I retire

Commissioner McDaniel hasn’t let retirement slow her down.  The ABC is only one of many social endeavors blessed by Ms. McDaniel’s hard work.  Keep on rocking!

Photos from Liquor Conferences

By - January 12, 2017 | Alcoholic Beverage Law, Wigs Manager | Email Will Cheek

We have been remiss in not posting photos from liquor conferences.  Sorry.

Reminds us of Nirvana’s All Apologies:

What else should I write

I don’t have the right

What else should I be

All apologies

Here are photos from the 2016 annual meeting of the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals.

And from the 2016 Regional National Conference of State Liquor Administrators.

Last but not least, from the Tenth Anniversary Hawaii Meeting of the Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants.



Tennessee Department of Revenue Revamps Liquor-by-the-Drink Bond Process

By - January 02, 2017 | Alcoholic Beverage Law, Wigs Manager | Email Will Cheek

The Department of Revenue recently announced major changes to liquor bonds for Tennessee restaurants, bars, venues and other liquor license holders.  Read more here.

We expect some chaos, which at least keeps it interesting for us jaded old fools.

Speaking of old folks, chaos reminds us of this classic Cold War parody from Get Smart:

For those that hold more than one license in Tennessee, the proposed changes are fantastic.  You will only need one bond, if you file the proper election.  We will let you know when the election becomes available, probably late this year.

As we read the announcement, Revenue also says it will not change bond amounts until after September 30, 2017.  No more dreaded LBD bond audit and worrying about increasing the amount of your bond at renewal, at least for a few months.

In the meantime, we strongly encourage licensees to renew bonds, CDs and cash deposits in lieu of bonds.